Mr. Silas Kishi (Middle)

NASCAM Chairperson

Was one of the Delegates at CISAC Meeting


National Office of Copyright and Neighboring Rights (ONDA)

Mrs Dries Yasmina ONDA Representative at CISAC Meeting

CISAC African Committee Meeting

Different delegates and Media
at CISAC African Committee Meeting

NASCAM Media Briefing

NASCAM CEO Mr. John Max Briefing
the public about the revised NASCAM Constitution.

Storch Street to be renamed in
Honour of the late Kaujeua

The late Jackson Muningandu Kaujeua to be named after Storch Street in the capital on 28th September 2018.


Welcome to Namibian Society of Composer and Authors of Music online presence.

NASCAM - Namibian Society of Composer and Authors of Music, is a collective Management Organization which administer the rights of those creative artistic works, called in a combination word “MUSIC”
The main objective of NASCAM is:
         1. To register Members and their works
         2. To register and license all musical use in the country
         3. To collect Royalties, or fees from those using Music and distribute Royalties to our members and those of sister Organization, and finally to fight against any form of piracy in Namibia 

Media Briefing

On 12 November, the Namibian Society of Composers and Authors of Music (NASCAM) held its Annual General Meeting

Over 250 authors’ societies representatives and creators from all corners of the globe convened in Paris on 3 June for the

It is that time of the year again, where the music industry gathers together to network, share ideas and talk music

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ

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Is anybody welcome to register with NASCAM?

Only those who have created musical works like Composers, Songwriters, lyricists and Publishers of any kind of Music.

What is NASCAM Stand for?
What about the producer of the music and dancers?
If one register with NASCAM what benefit one can get there?
What is Royalties?

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