Applying for Membership

How do I become a NASCAM member?

There are so many benefits for Music Creators to become NASCAM members, but as guardians of the music industry, NASCAM has a duty to ensure that all of our members meet certain requirements. This is to ensure that we protect the rights of our existing members and ensure the quality of the music we defend.

To become a NASCAM member you need to meet certain requirements. First you need to complete some paperwork and give us a few documents that prove you’re the owner of the music you have created. We need the usual things like a certified copy of your valid ID document, and you need to sign a NASCAM Deed of Assignment, which means you’re giving us the go-ahead to administer your Performance Rights.

You also need to fill out an official Notification of Works form – telling us the details of your music. The forms are available to download.

Only NASCAM’s Board of Directors has the final say to approve your membership. If they give you the nod – you’re in! The board sits four times a year in March, June, September and November and that’s when new members get the green light.

Applying for NASCAM membership

Here’s a play-by-play walk-through of what’s required to apply for NASCAM membership.

  • Download and complete the membership application form.
  • Complete the Notification of Works form that lets us know which works you’re claiming ownership of.
  • Provide us with the Deed of Assignment.
  • Give us a copy of the recording you wish to claim ownership of.
  • Give us proof of identity in the form of a certified copy of your ID document.
  • If your music is owned by a partnership, private company or CC, please supply copies of relevant agreements, founding statements and memoranda or articles of association.

Download membership application forms here. Application forms are also available from NASCAM head office during office hours. f you have any queries regarding the membership application process you can contact  NASCAM.

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