This is a patriotic and concerned voice of reason by the Namibian Society of Composers and Authors of Music (NASCAM), from the recent slashing and tremendous cut in the beaming of the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation programs. We add our vote of plea and prayer to our government below. The mission and objective of the NBC is to inform, educate and entertain come rain, come sunshine for the socio-economic development of our beloved Namibia: The Land of the Brave.
NASCAM is tasked with the objective of administering the rights of all songwriters, composers and publishers of music in this our country. The recent cut has tremendous ramifications and implications to our society in its entirety and amounts to a dedication of duty and responsibility, detachment and non-concern for the interests and benefits of the overwhelming stakeholders and clients of the NBC who also compose the outright players and voters at the polls.
The cutting of the operational hours detrimentally affects the educational imperative and direction for the students, especially educations programs during this time and in preparations of final examination. The dissemination of current affairs and news to the public is severely curtailed. The same applies to cultural programs, daily religious programs, Bible scriptures and prayers especially for the elderly during the last devotion of the day, sport lovers, the youth and children. Our entrepreneurs have also not been saved the wrath and suffering from the cutting of the programs. This semi operational blackout has the automatic result and creation of unemployed, crime escalation, less information and education, loss of faith in the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation, especially in its non profit but social service to the nation. The only victor of this decision will be the profit driven commercial/private broadcasters who shall seize the opportunity to entice the business, educational, entertaining and other clients to bring business to them even at exorbitant prices, as they will be vulnerable and without a national and concerned service delivery instrument.
Concerning its own constituency, NASCAM wishes to state that it has over 7900 registered songwriters and composers that are directly benefitting from the music royalties received from the NBC. This semi blackout will severely affect their creativities assets (music) to enjoyed airplay in order to generates Royalties which form an income for their families and wealth. They may be forced to become counter-productive and resort to unbecoming means of soliciting bread on their tables.
NASCAM therefore, patriotically calls upon our government to revisit this decision of starving the NBC of funding and to also become more innovative, creative and visionary in identifying ways, means and devices of sourcing additional funding for the operations of the NBC. That is not asking for manna to fall from heaven or performing any miracles. We are convinced beyond any doubt that our leaders are compassionate, caring, listeners and visionary with the best interest of our country and her citizens and residents.
I thank you for your attention
Eino-John Max Chief Executive Officer N A S C A M

Should you have any further queries, kindly contact the NASCAM office at 061-229116.

5 Johnson St, Eros, Windhoek Khomas Region Namibia
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