On the 14th September is regarded as the Africa Copyright and Collective Management Organisation Day. All artists and their copyright collective management organisation have cerebrated the day to appreciate creativity and encourage the protection of Copyright Protection works. NASCAM have thus attended the recently hosted Intellectual Property Enforcement Seminar by Business and Intellectual Property Authority (BIPA) that took a step further in spearheading the effective enforcement of legal and copyright laws in Namibia. BIPA hosted the seminar to empower participants with an in-depth knowledge on copyright protection; and enable them to effectively engage, participate and contribute to the development of the copyright system in the country. Furthermore, the firm, in collaboration with the World Intellectual Property Organisation and other invited Intellectual Property Experts, printed training materials on intellectual property law enforcement which is intended to be used for the capacity building of enforcement agencies in Namibia. The acting CEO of BIPA, Vivienne Katjiuongua have highlighted that “It is our intention that the system must seek to protect, promote and reward creativity; while ensuring that we safeguard public interest. This is particularly applicable to fair access for educational purposes and for persons with visual impairments, through the use of appropriate copyright limitations and exceptions”.

Should you have any further queries, kindly contact the NASCAM office at 061-229116.