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The following is a list of our most frequently asked online questions. Click on a Question to view answers relating to your selection. Should you not find the answer to your question listed below, then please send your question through our contact information.

  • What is a Music Usage Licence?

    Purchasing a Music Usage Licence from NASCAM gives Music Users permission to play music publically at their business or venue.
  • Who needs a music usage licence from NASCAM?

    Any venue, business or person that plays background, recorded, broadcast or live music in public, or that makes a copy of a musical work, must get a music usage licence from NASCAM.This includes business and people such as the following:

    * Radios Broadcasters                       * Hair dressers                             * Taxi

    * Television broadcasters                  * Spaza shop                               * Tourist Truck

    * Pubs/ Bars                                          * Car wash                                   * Lodges

    * Nightclubs                                           * Mobile Disco Jocky- DJ             * Hotel

    * Live music venues                            * Community Hall                         * Bed & breakfast

    * Beer Garden                                      * Tents                                             * Parks

    * Entertainment Launch                     * Music Festival / Concerts         * Theatre

    * Restaurant                                         * Trade fair/ Exihibition show      * Car warehouse

    * Shebeen                                             * Car Racing                                * Weddings parties

    * Shopping malls                                 * Fun Day events                        * Corprate company events

    * Retail Store                                         * School Hall/ tents                    * Fashion show

    * Supermarket                                       * Airbus                                        * Sport ground

    * Mini shop                                             * Buses                                        * Offices

    * Cinema                                                * Train                                          * any public place use background music 



  • Why is it important to get a music usage licence for my business or venue?

    Paying for your music usage licence is good for everyone. It’s good for businesses who enjoy the positive effect that music has on the atmosphere of your establishment.

  • What are NASCAM’s banking details for the payment of licence fees?

    NASCAM NedBank


    Account number: 11000017568

    Branch code: 461041


    NASCAM Administration

    First National Bank

    Acc. no. 62058249642

    Branch code: 280172

  • I pay my TV licence – do I still require a NASCAM licence?

    Yes, you do. Your TV licence is for the personal use of the TV signal from NBC, One Africa TV etc. at your home or anywhere. It doesn’t cover TVs used in business like shops and restaurants. You still need a NASCAM licence to play music in public.
  • How do I cancel my NASCAM licence?

    Please email or fax us a cancellation letter telling us why you want to cancel your NASCAM Licence. We’ll then need to send a NASCAM inspector to check that your business is no longer using protected music.
  • How do I buy a NASCAM licence for a mobile disco jocky, shop, restaurant, etc?

    Please contact NASCAM Office. Our sales consultants will provide you with the correct application form to complete.
  • I bought a business that has an existing NASCAM licence – how do I go about changing it to my name?

    Please contact the NASCAM Office
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