Juke Box Music License

-There are two or more types of music juke boxes in the music industry.

1. Basic standard juke box, that use the actual disc (CD)
2. Digital Juke Box, that use digital music files, MP 3, SD memories cards

This Juke Boxes are requiring a Copyright Music License that allow the operator/ owner of the machine to provide music in public place.
As Juke Box owner, you are not allowed to use or provide music in any public place without the Copyright Music License from NASCAM.

This does not mean when you have applied for the Copyright Music License you have the right to copy the music but you have only the right to use/play or performer the music in a public place like a Bar, Shebeen, restaurant or any other places. Therefore, the type of License NASCAM will issue for that purpose is called a “Blanket License”.

Digital Juke Box:

This type of Juke Boxes became a threat to the music industry in general and if the Namibian Music Industry were well regulated like others in the region, they could avoided such innovation of the kind of the digital Juke Box to enter into the market in Namibia, or the music industry have to request the Communication Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) and the Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology (MICT) to amend the Copyright and Communication Act to provide fair guidelines to the users/ owner and the owners of Copyrights works(music) that are downloaded into the Juke Box MP-3, SD Cards.

Digital/Electronic Juke Box owners are requiring to apply for permission from the owner to download the music to the MP-3 or SD cards, which they have to pay for and that payment should reach the owner of the actual CD or songs downloaded. NASCAM noted with concern that there are a numbers of Juke Box suppliers that gathers all our members and those of internationals music without a permission either by NASCAM or from the owners of the music and they sale and redistribute to members of the public and the funds they receive do not reach the owner and this is against the law, those are doing it are stealing from the owners of the music.

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