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Namibian Society of Composer and Authors of Music - NASCAM is a non-profit making organisation, a Collective Management Organisation - CMO which administering the rights of authors, composers and publishers of music in the republic of Namibia (Left- Official Logo). Its Constitution is that a company limited to guarantee, with no share capital. it pays no individuals and charges its members no agency commission. All fees collected by NASCAM after allowing for administrative expenses, are distributed among the authors, composers, lyricists, and publishers concerned, in proportion to the use which has been made of their works for performances in public. NASCAM is affilliated to several composers' societies all over the world, and through a system of reciprocal agreements it authorises all these societies to administer the music of Namibian composers, lyricists and publishers in their particular royalties constitute the composer's insurance for his/her dependents. Therefore, NASCAM main objective is to collect and distribute Royalties to both local and sisters Organisation members only.
NASCAM’s Board of Directors

Overall Remit
The administration and control of the Society shall vest in its Board of Directors.
Read more from our CONSTITUTION As reamended up to December 2017 for Functions and Duties of the Board of Directors from here.. | Current Board Members here..

Our Partners & Stakeholders

  1. Government of Namibia (Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology)
  2. Government of Namibia (Ministry of Trade)
  3. Namibian Police
  4. National Art Council
  5. Namibian Music industry Union
  6. Oruuano Namibian Artist Union
  7. Recording Industry of Namibia
  8. South and Eastern Africa Copyright Network - SEACONET
  9. Confederation of International Societies of Authors and Composers - CISAC
  10.  World Intelligence Property Organisation - WIPO
  11.  UNESCO

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5 Johnson St, Eros, Windhoek Khomas Region Namibia
+264 61 229 116
+264 61 249 240