Royalty Payments

Copyright Royalties Collections:

Royalties’ payment is the collection of funds that collected by NASCAM form a music users. This fund collected as copyright music license that allow anybody using music in a public sense, for economical gain or for social entertainment for free or on a tickets sale to members of the public.

Loyalties are collected from different platform like venue that are fitted with background music facilities or system or been provided to do so either permanent or on temporally based.

e.g. Broadcasters and service provider (Teleco) are issued with copyright music license that allow them to use music in their services and this done base on an agreement/contract between NASCAM and such communication to the public service.

Another scenario is that fixed and non-fixed venue that used or provide the use of music sound through system, a background music is also licensed or issue with the permission to allowed to do so through a contract or agreement with NASCAM. This license is called a “Blanket license” that cover any kind of musical works performed or display as sounds in the venue.

NASCAM is mandated by its membership agreement to collect such funds from any music user in Namibia on behalf of the creators of such musical works and as it is stipulated under the Copyright and Neighbouring Right Protection Act and under the principles of the Berne Conversion Treaty that such collection and copyright administration should bear by the collecting society organization (CMO) NASCAM for all artistic personnel without any discrimination on nationalities but both local and international should benefit from such collection and Royalties payment of repertoire exploitations.

Therefore, a percentages shares of the collection is payable to the Authors, Composers and Publishers of the music use.

Why it is important to register your musical works with NASCAM?

It is very highly recommendable to register your musical works for main two benefits

1. For your musical works to be legal protected thought the universals for life plus 50 years after death.
2. For royalties’ benefits as an author, composer, publisher and copyright inherited as beneficiaries.
3. You will enjoy other external activities through the Collective Management Organization (CMO) NASCAM activities.

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